Another Anniversary is Coming

The ribbon with writing on it is
 from me, Michaela.

In just a little more than a month, Michaela, it will be the twenty-six year anniversary of the last day I saw you. This is a horrible, horrible day. It’s a day when I don’t know what to do, or what to say. How can I honor you, how can I reach out to you? What words are left after all these years? After Jaycee was found and the Hayward PD was searching to see if the man who took her might have taken you as well, I was called on to do a lot of interviews. From before the crack of dawn to after the sun went down in the evening day after day after day I was being interviewed, and was being asked the same questions over and over and over again. I was so completely and totally exhausted that to overcome the glaze in my mind and my eyes and to give the answers one more time, as though it was the first time I had ever given them, required almost more than I had. But I did it, as best as I could, and it was a good thing, because those who had forgotten about you suddenly remembered, and those who had never heard of you came to know you, and to love you.

Your sisters, Michaela, hanging ribbons for you.
From left to right, Ariel, Libby, and Johnna.
The faded ribbons on the tree are left from years past.

And this is good, Michaela, good for my heart, and good for you, because I want you always to be remembered. If I can do nothing else, I want to keep you alive in the world by keeping you alive in the minds and hearts of people. It is good because the more people remember you, the more people there are praying for you. But most of all it is good because the more your story gets out there, the more it is on the news, the more it is shared by people on social media, the greater is that infinitesimal chance that you might see it, and remember who you are, and know that there are people who love you, now and forever, and who are looking for you still after all these years, people longing to open their arms and welcome you home, people with love to pour over whatever wounds you have suffered in these years in which you have been stolen from us.

The big guy at the back is your baby brother, Robbie.
Left is your sister Johnna, and right is me.

How can I say it so that it can be understood? How can I say it so the message will be loud enough to reach across the years, the miles, the hurt? I don’t know, Michaela. I just pray that you will hear, or if you don’t hear me, that you will hear God whispering to you, reminding you of who you are, and where you come from, giving you the strength to come home.

I love you forever, my child. Please, come home. If you should happen to be in another country, you can contact the U.S. Embassy. If you are in the UAE, as several leads have said you are, just click on the tab above labeled “How to Get Help” and there is information about how to contact the embassies there, as well as in Mexico, where other leads have pointed. Wherever you are, there are numbers you can call, both from outside the country and in the United States.

I am posting some photos from the anniversary last year. I cannot tell you how deeply I long for those to be the last anniversary photos ever taken.

With all my love always,


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  1. Yes Jesus,I agree with the person above (JOY9281) Please bring Michaela home to her Mom and ALL of her Family and Friends. I ask this in Jesus name amen.Love and Prayers always for Michaela, You, and your familyfrom Thelma Mandera


  2. I understand the tree with the ribbons hanging on it is located in the exact place Michaela was kidnapped. If I could come all the way from here, I would tie a ribbon too. I want to pray, though, at least when the anniversary comes. I want to pray for the final and the right lead, that has the key to bring Michaela home. May I do that?After the news of her kidnapping and the location were spread, I think no children went alone near that market's parking lot for some time after. Now everyone goes there for Michaela. That is really respectful.Emilia


  3. Emilia, every year people tie yellow ribbons for Michaela on November 19th, wherever they are. You can do that, too, and send a photo to me if you like, at And of course you can pray for her.I would like to think it's true that no children went alone near the market, but I don't think that is true, I was awake very early the next morning after Michaela was kidnapped, staring out the window, watching for any sign of Michaela coming home, and I saw a very young boy, younger than Michaela, walking his dog down our street, alone. I couldn't believe it.


  4. Reading your blog, in as much as your words are beautifully written, words fail me. I wonder where you get the strength to hold on all these years, I wonder how you get the strength to still believe and love the Lord even if it seemed he permitted such evil to happen. Sharon, I have been trusting God for a certain miracle in a while and reading you always reaffirms there is only one choice/option and that is – to keep trusting Him whatever may come. Hallelujah.


  5. Thank you so much! It warms my heart to hear that! Believe me, I know that holding onto either faith or hope can be very difficult. The Bible says that faith is the “evidence of things not seen,” and whenever we are believing in something we can't see, whether God or a promise not yet fulfilled, or things we can't grasp or understand, it is difficult. I slip and fall regularly and some of those falls have been deep and long. But God always takes my hand and pulls me back up. God bless you, and when your answer comes, will you let me know? Praying it will be soon.


  6. Please pass this on to your grieving friend “Debbie” if you think it will bring comfort. My prayers continue for you. God Bless.Dear Grieving Mother,I read Sharon’s recent post on FaceBook about the tragic loss of your beloved son Adam months ago :*( It deeply saddened my heart and I added you to my prayers. During a nap today I had a dream which relayed a brief message for you….(a hopeful comfort to other grieving one’s too.)It began with a brief view of sand, Sharon’s post, then switched to gentle swirling movements of clouds.(I then knew this pertained to your dear son) From above the clouds an Angelic sounding voice spoke and said….”Rest assured dear Mother your son is resting in Heavens Infirmary …Surrounded by Love…Held in the Peace of God” (and to me the Angel reminded me of many dreams I have had in the last 20 years that revealed how often when there is an abrupt departure from this life many will rest for a long season in Heavens Infirmary) I was then asked to find & share this YouTube song with you….Resting in the Peace of His Hands ……


  7. Thank you Sharon, I just might do that. I'm very sad to hear that. This makes me wish Michaela would have been walking there and waving to you as you were at the window. Sadly that didn't happen, but I guess the police was still looking all over for her.I wish all the best for you. Hold on to hope and trust God to take good care of Michaela.Emilia


  8. “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that * connected me with all the people* who were alive, or who had ever been alive.” ― James Baldwin


  9. Dear Sharon,I've been following your blog for a couple of years now, and I just wanted to tell you that although I don't often write, I do often think of you and Michaela. You're a wonderful mother. I'm wishing you lots of strength as the 26th anniversary of Michaela's abduction nears. I know that in many ways it doesn't get any easier after all these years. Best wishes,Cindy


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