This is for Michaela, and for anyone else who is in need of help of any kind. If you can’t get help directly, think creatively, like this woman did!


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  1. I have a love hate relationship with these videos. I have worked at a 911 dispatch unit in NY for the last 20 years. In theory these video are great to educated the general public as well as emergency personal. In reality they cause more harm than good. A few years ago some random person made a video similar to this and posted it. The call in center I work out spent countless hours on in-services and training days during nine months about doing what the operator says in this video. Needless to say after said video went viral, our call in center got 4000 prank phone calls. 2150 of those calls sounded 100% like this video!! The following year our center spent nine months training how NOT to take these calls as serious. Although dispatch sends someone out for these calls, 99% of the time they are considered a prank & not taken serious. For everyone who argues if this video helps 1 person…The flip side to your argument…those 2150 prank calls that sounded 100% like this video…Takes away from someone who really NEEDED help from 911! My center isn't the only call in center with these issues from these video and prank calls in general. Its a nation wide problem. Professionally speaking if people realized the number of prank phone calls that stem nation wide from these videos alone. I honestly feel nobody would EVER post one of these video again. EVER!


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