Patreon, please?

I love the introductory video they show you when you sign up as an artist on Patreon. It points out what a wonderful time we are living in, where artists of all types are free to create and to share their creations with the entire world through the internet and other modern technology. Remember back in the old days, when there were just a few stars in each area of the arts, and you would have to travel to a store and buy their music or writing or artwork if you wanted to enjoy it? Now instead of a few stars there are massive constellations of artists out there, sharing their art on the internet. The only problem, the video goes on to point out, is that nobody is getting paid for it! There are still those few stars making megabucks, and then there are the throngs of writers and musicians, artists and filmmakers, who are just giving it away.

As a writer, my real purpose is to share something meaningful with the world. Perhaps one day I will finish one or both of the books I have in progress, and someone will want to pay me money to publish them. But honestly, I would be just as happy to continue to just share it through the internet, and through self publishing venues that are one of the other blessings available today, if forums such as Patreon can provide the support that my family needs.

I have a couple of levels of thank yous to those who support me on Patreon. At the $10 a month level, I will send a personal thank you, with some items which might include personalized pens, pins, bumper stickers, depending on what I have on hand at the time. At the $25 a month level, I will send you drafts of the chapters of the book I am working on and give you an opportunity to comment and make suggestions, and will also send you a personally signed copy of any books I may publish, including the child safety book I published a few years ago.

Thank you, thank you so much. For more information, or to make a pledge, please visit

And never forget, you are loved.




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  1. Dear Sharon,

    WAY TO Go ! I have been reading your beautiful words for nine years. I am so honored to be your first patron and first pledge. No one can ever take that away from me. I feel so special now !

    I just visited Patreon prior to coming here, and was thrilled to see you already have another patron and another pledge. That is so wonderful! Your readers not only appreciate your eloquent writing, but we love you because you are accessible and have an understanding heart. And, I hope you know this about yourself.

    Just one more thing. I know there’s the internet, but, personally, I like to have a relationship with my book. So I am hoping that say within the next year you will be inviting all of us to a book signing. I think Barnes & Noble has a nice ring to it.

    Keep your beautiful words flowing. We need you.


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