Gifts for supporters!

I very recently set up a Patreon account, which allows supporters to offer a small monthly contribution to support artists of various sorts, including writers and bloggers. (For more general information, see my previous blog. Still new at this and still learning, but one thing Patreon allows is for the artists to offer gifts to supporters at different levels, and I have set up a couple of those levels now.

The first level is for those who wish to contribute $10 a month. At that level, you will receive a personal thank you and some little gifts, which depend in part on what I have on hand at the moment. Right now, for example, I have someĀ lovely pens. One thing you will find about writers is that in spite of the fact that we all use computers for the most part, we all seem to be deeply enamored with writing instruments. So when someone sent me a sample pen in the mail, I fell in love with it and ordered a whole bunch of them. They have my Seeker’s Road web address on the barrel, they are burgundy in color and a really nice size and texture, and they have those little nubbins on the top that you can use on digital screens. They have blue ballpoint pen ink, because I am a paralegal and original legal documents are supposed to be signed in blue ink so you know they are originals. And just to reassure you, with today’s copy technology, blue ink copies as well as any other color.

Theoretically I was supposed to leave these pens in public spaces to get traffic for my website, but I love them so much I just keep using them myself. Nevertheless, I have quite a few on hand, and as long as I do I will send them to anyone who subscribes at the $10 a month level, along with other things I may have for Seeker’s Road and Dear Michaela as they become available.

At the $25 (or more if you like!)

level, you will receive everything available at the $10 level, plus I will send you drafts of the chapters of my book as I finish them, and give you the chance to comment and make suggestions on them. As any books may be published, including a child safety book I published some years ago, I will send you a personally signed copy.

If there is anything else you can think of that you would appreciate receiving as a thank you gift, please let me know. And if you have any questions about why I am doing this, please feel free to ask, just so long as you do so nicely.

Meanwhile, you can get more information and join my Patreon as a supporter by going to the following link. Thank you deeply to those of you who do this.

Click on “become a patron” to support Seeker’s Road!


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