Mumbly grumbly and plans going forward

I am still grumbly over the loss of my entire blog yesterday. Honestly, WordPress, it should not be possible to just write something in a box on my cell phone and have it replace an entire blog. If you are modifying an already published blog, you really should have to take some specific action to delete it. Typing in an empty square in no way gives you the impression that you are replacing a blog that already exists! Right? Right.

I have decided I am not going to attempt to rewrite it, and I am not going to do the second part of this week’s Bible study. But I’m not going to give up, if for no other reason than this has been so good for me! Really time consuming and hard work, but really good! Instead of a cursory read through, I am really delving into the passages. I have three study Bibles open most of the time. So rather than try to pay catch up, instead I’m going to just pick up next week. I will put the readings at the end of this blog post, for those people who don’t want to read about Bible studies.

I do want to clarify I don’t intend to be a teacher. I may share things I learn, but really I am sharing my personal experience and what these chapters have meant to me, now or at other times in my life. I’m just inviting you along on my own journey. But I’m looking for your input, too, for a discussion. You guys are going to have to help me, because there is so much in these readings, I couldn’t possibly have time to unpack it all by myself.

In other news, I mentioned awhile back that I had an appointment with my oncologist. So what she said is that I should have a CT scan, and if the cancer has not grown, we will maintain the current therapy. Apparently the goal with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer is to hold the line. And that’s fine. If everything could remain exactly as it is, I will be happy.

So CT scan is the 25th, appointment is the 30th. Please pray with me for good results!

I am also happy to report that I have overcome my news addiction! Instead of watching 24 hours news 24/7, I now tune in for a couple of hours every few days to catch up. It has helped my peace of mind, and I have gotten so much more reading done! I haven’t watched much else on television either.

On a path to peace!

For those of you who are interested in following along with the Bible reading program I use (Solid Lives), especially since we are starting late in the week, I am suggesting a modified plan I am suggesting to get everybody caught up to the same place.

Complete reading John chapters 1-5, and Isaiah chapters 1-17, hopefully by Sunday, September 13.

Isaiah is probably my all time favorite book in the Bible. When I pick up a new Bible, it is likely to be the first book I read. Think about what you are reading, pick out some verses, write down your observations, how that scripture applies to your life, or to the world at large, and pray about it. I will post something with a few of my observations through the week, and you can respond and post your own as well.

Thanks for your encouragement everybody!



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  1. Hello Sharon and Group,
    UPdates Appreciated!! ..News Addiction Down , RisenUP to Path Of Peace..Cancer CT scan Upcoming on 25th ( ⚘🙏) and Specific Bible Readings From Isaiah & John up to Sunday 9/13 . I Will Prayerfully Read and join in sharing thoughts❤ Thankful In Christ, Patricia

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      1. You are most welcome Sharon!

        Mt 18:20👑 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” ⚘🙏

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  2. I’ve not studied Isaiah much and I’m looking forward to it! …I’m working on a different kind of blog and I understand the frustrations with it. I often give up and call my tech savvy son out west! I’m grumbly myself😂

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    1. What blog host are you using? WordPress was much better before they switched to this block editor. It is totally unnecessary! We can all copy and move text! But you make a wrong move Ruth block editor and a huge chunk disappears, I’m going to see if it is possible to go back to the old one. #wordpress, are you listening?


      1. Well I use squarespace and I went with it so it would be easier than WordPress and I’m STILL having issues. Not as user friendly as they lead you to believe … I went with it because I didn’t have much time to learn html. If I was using WordPress I probably would’ve lost my whole blog by now lol


  3. Thanks Sharon for Bible Study Themes 🌹 . I had a pleasant journey with Isaiah  Chaps 1 to 17

    I have read the Book before and decided to listen to audio ,with pleasant instrumental playing in their background, on YouTube.. ..And took notes on each chapture.

    Because of not reviewing this book for a long while  I then prayerfully  searched for Online Visual Insights
    Including ” Nelson Complete Book Of Bible Maps and Charts”

    THEN visited  different Isaiah Study sites such as
    INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDY “Intro to Isaiah” Via BIBLICA- Scholar Notes”
    Background- Literary Features- Outline- Themes and Theologies

    BIBLE..Org– Intro Study
    “The book is a collection of oracles, prophecies, and reports; but the common theme is the message of salvation. ..The northern kingdom of Israel had been carried into captivity (722 B.C.), and the kingdom of Judah was in the middle of idolatry and evil.
    The kingdom of Assyria had dominated the Fertile Crescent and posed a major threat to both kingdoms;”


    Closing with a simple summary I like the best Via BLUE LETTER BIBLE . Org  Study summary
    What are two major themes running through the book?
    “Trust in the Holy One of Israel””The Messiah to come and the glory of His age”👑

    PRAYER: 🙏Thank You Loving God for the beholding of your Holy Word and dealings with Your stubburn rebellious Beloveds with Prophetic warnings, chastising, defending, Messianic Promise and always having a  REMNANT May I be this to You for Your Glory . AMEN
    P.s.  Sharon and new Emerging Study Group, I hopefully will have JOHN Chaps 1-5 journey done today and look forward to this week’s  Bible Study Themes and #your shared thoughts from study. God tenderly bless us all.

    Thankful In Christ,  Patricia 🌹

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    1. Thanks. I’ve finished all the reading, and have been thinking over what I’m going to write. There are things I stumble over here, so I hope for input from others. I’ve decided to change the name to Scripture Journey.


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