When things go wrong

Bad things happen. Each of those thing is a stone tossed into the waters of our lives, creating ripples spreading out from where it lands. Some of those ripples are more like tidal waves, threatening to drown us. Eventually, though, as they spread out they become ripples again. From that moment of impact, everything, absolutely everything, is changed. Not a molecule remains the same. Our little boats head out on completely different journeys, and end up touching shores we hadn’t dreamed of.

I have a coffee cup. It says, “trust the journey.” Actually I have two of them, because I have so needed that reminder, even when I haven’t run the dishwasher. Trust the journey. There is no choice actually, and yet so often we fight it, we get angry and lash out, at life, at God. We kick and punch and damage our little boats, sometimes sending them in completely different directions, making things so much harder for ourselves and those around us.

I believe my life is in God’s hands. He has brought me through the storms and into peace, time and time again. My boat has some holes in it, but he has kept me afloat.

Trust the journey. Trust God. We cannot see or understand the impact of what happens until far along the way, sometimes not until the end of our journeys. So we just have to trust, and keep moving.

And remember, we are loved.


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  1. Did you delete the Facebook page you had for Michaela? I tried looking for it today and it seems to have disappeared along with any post on your personal page you made with the link to the Facebook page.


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